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Welcome to the Blackraptors

JuljinStormchaser, Apr 2, 11 5:13 PM.
 Welcome to the Blackraptor Clan website , we would like to take this opportunity to to explain the guild to you before you attempt to apply. First thing you should know is that we are a role playing Heavy guild that dose everything in game and Incharacter , there will be ooc channel for expatiation of IC chat and lore explanation as everything it is set up for your character (toon)  to do while he is Incharacter . Second you will find we are a race/class specific  (Trolls) we may be expanding to include goblins later. Third , Although we know that a certian amount of drama will take place during character delevopment we would ask that it is keep to a medium to low profile . Examples of this would ERP if that is something you like to do please do that in private out of the eyes of others in the guild  would take offence or exception to that style of Role playing. Last thing is that we would like you to be at least 18 yoa or older there will  be some sexual themes and mature atmosphere that some of the  younger players aren't a custom to.

                               The Black raptor Clan's goal is to create a extra element to already great game in World of Warcraft we like to have are Role playing events and stroys in line with most of the Wow lore. This includes names, background stories and the like . Even though the guild's main goal is Rp we don't want to miss out on the other aspects of the game as well such as pvp and raiding we will be looking for ways to intergrate those aspects of the with are Role playing .

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

JuljinStormchaser, Apr 1, 11 11:08 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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